We help kids with ADHD to excel in Math and Reading Сomprehension using educational games in Roblox
Designed for children with ADHD to keep them focused and motivated to practice solving math problems
Game-based learning is supported by science
Scientists confirm that Game-based learning improves attention in students with ADHD and other special needs. We use Roblox - a natural gaming habitat for kids where they play and socialize with friends
Kids can earn up to 400 Robux per month for solving math problems. You will never have to force your child to drill math again
Parents track their kids' progress in progress reports sent to your email after each session
Our lessons are aligned with the Eureka Math curriculum used in 70% of public schools in the US. School math can be boring for kids. Not when it is embedded into the Roblox game
100% SAFE environment
We allow chatting only with classmates approved by the teacher or real-life friends approved from in your parental control dashboard
Why we created Brainika from our Founder - Anika
Your child will fall in love with Math
1000+ Tasks
300+ Adventures
Spaced Repetition
Deliberate Practice
Positive reinforcement
Easy progress tracking
Parents track kid's progress with progress reports sent to your email after each session.
Scientifically confirmed
Research supports that GBL (Game Based Learning) works for ADHD kids
García-Redondo, P.; García, T.; Areces, D.; Núñez, J.C.; Rodríguez, C. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16, 2480. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph16142480
Research highlights:
Studies have shown: improving motivation, attention and other cognitive components in students with learning disabilities.
Boosting different intelligences, talents or unique abilities through educational videogames - important bridge to improving areas of deficit-in this case attention-in students with learning disabilities
More details at Pubmed.gov
Meet our Pro-bono advisers
Ph.D. in Systems Engineering at Oakland University
"To help kids develop an intuitive sense for math, the platform uses Roblox to cleverly teach fundamental concepts through spaced repletion, recall, deliberate practice, feedback, and positive reinforcement. All of these approaches are some of the best ways possible to help the brain develop mathematical intuition through the procedural system"
ADHD psychologist for children
"I am a behavioral specialist. I mainly work with children who were diagnosed with ADHD. When I start working with a new kid one of the first things I do, I ask parents to reduce the study load. Pushing these kids to keep up with school requirements may result in complete loss of motivation to learn. Parents usually don't mind, school does. Studying school Maths may be pretty hard for many of these children because it requires lots of drilling and repetition when most children with ADHD struggle to focus on the task for longer periods of time. Game-based learning such as BRAINIKA MATH GAME is not just a supplemental approach to teaching, it can become a real solution for kids with ADHD»
Aligned with COMMON CORE curriculum
Our lessons are 100% compatible with the Eureka Math curriculum used in 70% of public schools in the US
Kids learn and earn ROBUX
Only available with subscription
We believe in developing healthy habits like doing a little bit of math a few times a week to improve Math skills.

Brainika Math rewards effort and hard work.

So, after completing the Math Challenge your child will be rewarded with a 400 Robux gift card if they managed to complete one level with an 85% score or higher.

It takes on average 120 mins to complete one level, so if your kid plays for 30 mins 3-4 times a week they will earn the reward.

We will update you on your kid's progress after each gaming session and weekly.
What our customers say ❤️
Just bought our membership! My daughter is OBSESSED already

Thank for help us on math 💗 and I love this game ❤️❤️❤️
I rlly learned how to do math! Thank you ✨


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Math levels for K - 5th grade
500+ math problems of various difficulty levels
Math challenges to teach your child persistence and problem-solving skills
After completing the challenge your child will be rewarded with a 400 Robux gift card
Fun pets and challenges to keep kids engaged

Unlimited 24/7 access to the Game on any device


$83.6 ONE YEAR
  • 12 top-ups included with a 30% discount
  • Your child will earn 400 Robux for solving the top-up math problems
  • Receive detailed reports on your child’s Math progress
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At the moment, the game is designed for ages 5-9 years (K to G3). In the near future, we plan to develop for other ages, subscribe to our Facebook or Instagram to follow our updates.
We are an early-stage edTech startup. We develop educational games in Roblox. Our mission is to help any child reach his or her full potential at school. We need your help. We need as many parents and kids as possible to try our educational game and give us feedback so we can improve the experience.
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  • Progress report for parents after each session
  • In-game special Pets, tools, accessories for your child to keep engagement and interest
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to our game on any device
  • After completing the challenge your child will be rewarded with a 400 Robux gift card (1 subscription = 1 card per month )  ***(conditions apply)
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